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Training Options for North Mississippi

We are now offering phone consultation services for puppy/dog owners in N. Mississippi.  In late October 2016, we closed our Mississippi location to move to SW Ohio where we are now serving puppy and dog owners there.  However, we have since heard from several people from the N. Mississippi and surrounding area who are in need of  help and guidance with their puppies or dogs.

Who Can Benefit:

  • New puppy owners with very young puppies (under 16 weeks).
  • Owners with older puppies needing help with problem behaviors (housebreaking, play-biting, destructive chewing, etc).
  • Owners with adult dogs with behavioral problems
  • Anyone with training related question
  • WDU Alumni who have already been through training, but need some additional guidance.

What Is Provided:

  • We walk you through those critical first few weeks (2 months) after getting your new puppy (including emailing you socialization checklists and other helpful puppy resources).
  • We help with housebreaking, play-biting, crate training, socialization, leash walking, nipping, destructive chewing, etc. – any common puppy issues
  • We help with behavioral issues in adult dogs ranging from housebreaking, introducing another dog into your home, preparing for a baby in your home, separation anxiety, chewing, etc.
  • We help with training questions if you are doing your own training.
  • We give you referrals to other canine professionals, if necessary.

How It Works:

  • Call us at 513-267-5390 for a FREE screening interview
  • If the problem / issue or question can be appropriately addressed over the phone, the
    fees and plan for the consultation will be reviewed and the payment process explained.
  • Once payment has been received through PayPal, an appointment will be scheduled for your consultation.
  • If the problem cannot be appropriately addressed over the phone, you will be told that up front. You will not be charged. If warranted, a referral will be made for you to someone in the N. Mississippi area who should be able to help you and your dog with what you need.