About Whole Dog University

A Professional Dog Training and Education business located in Lebanon, Ohio, Whole Dog University is dedicated to helping dogs be the best that they can be.  We also are committed to helping owners gain the skills and knowledge that will benefit their dog and strengthen the relationship between them.  We strive to operate a God-honoring business where we serve the Lord by serving others according to his principles.  This is demonstrated in a variety of ways.  First, it is evident through honesty and integrity in our business activities and training practices.  Secondly, we genuinely care and have concern for you and your dog.   Lastly, patience, professionalism, and openness with clients are all hallmarks of our training and education.  We work with all breeds of dogs ranging in age from 8-weeks through adulthood, serving dog owners throughout SW Ohio at our facility in Lebanon or in your home under if necessary.

The WDU Mission

At Whole Dog University our mission is to help improve lives of dogs and the relationships they have with their owners.  Certainly, we enjoy working with dogs that don’t have any major behavioral problems, but who need training and their owner is looking for ways to improve communication before a problem develops.  However, we know that dogs that have behavioral issues have a greater likelihood of being surrendered to shelters/rescue, abandoned, re-homed or may be mistreated in a moment of frustration.  We want to prevent and/or alleviate those situations.  We strive to improve the quality of life for all dogs we work through high-quality and caring professional dog training, behavior modification, and meaningful owner education. Our desire is to see dogs reach their full potential and for families/individuals to be able to enjoy the richness that dogs can bring to our lives to a greater degree than before they started.

The WDU Approach

Our holistic, balanced approach to dog training and owner education is mindful of all aspects (physical, mental, social and emotional) of an individual dog….(the “whole dog”).  We believe in a simple, balanced approach to training that utilizes a dog’s instincts, intellect, considers what motivates that individual dog, along with an understanding of how dogs learn in order to maximize outcomes. Training, at the most basic level, involves teaching dogs essentially “Yes” to desired behaviors/skills and “No” to undesirable behaviors.   We use a variety of positive teaching and reinforcement techniques in our training.  When necessary, there are consequences to discourage undesired behaviors.  Improving communication with your dog has a profoundly positive impact on him/her.  Clear and consistent interactions with your dog build trust and help strengthen the bond between you.  This is why we emphasize owner education and training – a critical factor in your dog’s long-term success, happiness, and contentment.

Our Passion

At Whole Dog University, our passion is two-fold.  We are passionate about dogs and helping as many as we to unlock their potential through quality training.   Secondly, we are passionate about the education of their human companion-leaders.  We invest a lot of ourselves personally in each dog and owner.  We truly care about our clients and their dogs and give a little piece of our heart to everyone we work with.  WDU is your resource to help you bridge the communication gap that often exists between people and their dogs. We are here to come alongside you and help you raise your puppy, train (or re-educate) your dog through effective training utilizing your dog’s intelligence, instincts, and individual personality.  Did you know that every dog is “hard-wired” to have a leader to follow?  If it’s not you, it will perhaps be them.  That is never a good situation, is unfair to your dog and often is at the root of the behavioral problems you might be seeing.  We want to teach you how to be an effective “leader” and companion for your dog that they can look to and trust. Whether your goal is to successfully develop a happy and balanced dog that is a “good citizen” that family, friends and neighbors can enjoy being around or you are looking for specialized training for your dog to do specific tasks, then you have come to the right place. We are hear to help you reach those goals.