Advanced Obedience Training (Off-Leash)

Building upon the initial “On-Leash”  Basic Obedience program,  Whole Dog University offers “Off-Leash” or Advanced Obedience training for those dogs who have mastered their “On-Leash” skills in the presence of high-level distractions. Off-leash obedience training work begins indoors and then progresses to a fenced outdoor space and finally to an open space.

Training Includes:

  • Performance of commands while off-leash
  • Heavy emphasis on diversifying commands around distractions and working in different environments
  • Positive reinforcement techniques used in teaching
  • Fair, humane corrections for undesired behaviors are taught using the Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) techniques.
  • If interested, the correct and humane use of a high-quality remote training collar (RTC) is taught. ***(Please do not use a RTC without proper training from a professional. It can adversely impact your dog if not used properly)


  • If on-leash training done some place other than WDU, then prospective student must demonstrate proficiency (without treats) with on-leash commands with distractions.
  • Proof of recent vet exam and current vaccination record.

Training Format Options:

  • Weekly private lessons for you and your dog
  • Residential training (dog is trained by us at our facility and owner has 4 lessons after dog completes his / her residential training).

This advanced level of obedience training further lays the groundwork for and is the pre-requisite for more specialized training such as soft-mouth retrieval work, scent detection, tracking and assistance with service dog training.

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