Advanced Obedience Training (Off-Leash Training)

Building upon the successful completion of the initial “On-Leash”  Basic Obedience program,  Whole Dog University offers two programs as part of the “Off-Leash” or Advanced Obedience Training.  Off-leash obedience training work is done in conjunction with low-level Remote Training Collar (e-collar) use.  Training begins indoors and then the student and their dog progresses on their own to a fenced outdoor space and finally to an open outdoor space.    (You will be advised on what RTC to purchase).  Using an RTC without proper training from a qualified professional is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and can result in great stress and even harm to your dog.

Off-Leash Recall Training

This training can be a stand-alone course or it can be added on to the end of the Comprehensive Basic Obedience Program or be added to a Residential Day Training Program.

Training  Includes:

  • The proper, humane use of the remote training collar (e-collar)  including collar placement, the basic functions of the remote are explained, and the technique for finding the working level for your dog is taught
  • Using a sound box amplifier, the handler learns about proper timing of stimulation
  • Proper conditioning of the dog to the RTC (e-collar) is taught
  • Positive reinforcement is used throughout the training process
  • Working indoors initially and then progressing outdoors, the technique for training the recall is taught and practiced during the lesson and at home.
  • Lesson 2 is taught 5-7 days after lesson 1 and training is progressed to using a long line for recall at greater distances.
  • Eventually (with ongoing practice) progression advances to where the leash is dropped completely and dog recalls off-leash.
  • The course is 3 hours long over 2 lessons.
  • ***All owners are required to apply the e-collar to themselves at the first lesson and experience the stimulation of the e-collar at various settings prior to applying and using the e-collar on their dog.

  Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have successfully completed either the Intro OR Comprehensive Basic Obedience program prior to enrolling in this short course OR have dog demonstrate proficiency with on-leash “come” (recall) while distracted.

 Training Format Options:

  • Weekly private lessons or
  • Part of the Residential Day Training Program

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