Puppy Training

Early Puppyhood Development Training (8-16 wks olds)

Obedience training is not your first priority when getting a puppy.  Laying a good overall foundation with your new puppy should be the most critical thing on your agenda.  This includes thorough and varied socialization*, learning your rules, learning their place in the pack hierarchy of this new mixed species pack, successful housebreaking,  learning bite inhibition and learning how to walk on a leash and go into a crate on command are the priority objectives.  Laying this foundation properly has a major impact on the life and behavior of a dog. Did you know that nearly 80% of the “hard drive” of a dog’s brain is written by the 16th week of life and is the period of most rapid learning?!

After this window of time, the receptiveness to socialization rapidly and substantially decreases and the tragedy is that most owners do not realize this. In some instances, the problems caused by a lack of or improper socialization cannot be overcome if careful attention is not paid to this most critical time in a dog’s life.  Obedience training can  start any time after 16 weeks of age.

One of the most misunderstood concepts in raising a puppy is *socialization.  It doesn’t mean you need to go out and find doggie friends or a daycare for your puppy or that you must let everybody (including strangers) pet your puppy in an effort to make them friendly.   It doesn’t mean letting your puppy pull you toward other people/strangers or dogs when on leash or letting your puppy play with other unruly puppies without any structure or boundaries (rules/manners).   This kind of socialization can lead to anxiety, reactivity, aggression, fearfulness, among other problem behaviors such as impulsiveness and lack of attentiveness later.

We teach you how to correctly socialize your puppy to the world around them and how to help them learn how to interact with strangers and other dogs without the unintentional adverse outcomes.  In class, we teach you how to work on engaging your dog in the presence of distractions like other dogs and people, how to socialize your puppy, and how to build your puppy’s confidence .

Our Early Puppy Development Program is one-of-a-kind in our area.  No where else are you going to find  8+ hours of quality education and training through the most critical stage of development in their lives at a fee that almost everyone can afford.

Education and Training Includes:

  • One-on-one comprehensive consultation for puppy and pet parent(s)
    • Presented puppy packet with several helpful resources
    • Learn the principles of pack leadership  and proper socialization
    • Learn the principles of how to reinforce behaviors you want and stop those you don’t want.
    • Learn step by step how to housebreak your puppy
    • Learn how to stop play-biting and nipping
  • Three 2- hour structured interactive group classes for owner and puppy (call for more details)
  • Obedience commands are *NOT* taught in this class.


Puppies between 8-16 weeks old
Documented Veterinary Wellness Exam
Documented completion of at least 2 rounds of puppy vaccinations
Healthy, free of any internal or external parasites or evidence of sickness or skin issues

This program has been highly recommended by veterinarians and past program graduates because of the results they are seeing in their puppies who have completed this training, in addition to what knowledge they have gained as dog owners.


Have questions about our puppy training course? We can help! Request a consultation so we can discuss your concerns, meet the trainer, and see if our program is right for your puppy.

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