Service and Emotional Support Dog Training Assistance

At this time, we are not set up to dedicate the focused long-term time it takes to fully train a service dog. However, we do assist those individuals in need with training their own dogs for the purposes of them becoming either a “Service Dog” or “Emotional Support Dog” when prescribed by their physician or other healthcare practitioner.

Someone wanting to utilize a dog for that purpose would start by completing our Early Puppy Development Training (recommended if puppy is 8-16 wks old), then our on- and off-leash obedience program. Depending on the need, there would assistance with public access training.

More specialized skills may be taught to meet the needs of the owner, but this would be determined on a case by case basis. Rather than fully training a service dog for you, we partner with you in the training process, where you would have the primary responsibility for training your dog to meet your needs with our training, help and guidance.

While it is optimal to pursue official service dog training programs, we understand that often the cost is prohibitive for many people who have a demonstrated need for one. That being the case, many people choose to “owner train” a dog for their prescribed needs. This is a major undertaking as your dog will be held to the same standard in public as those who have been “program trained.”

We are here to offer training, guidance and assistance to those people with a medically documented need for a “service dog” or “emotional support dog” and for those for whom the cost of a fully trained “service dog” is out of reach.

Please call (513) 267-5390 for further information.


Have questions about our service dog training course? We can help! Request a Whole Dog University consultation. This consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns, meet the trainer, and see if our service and the emotional support program is right for your dog.

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